Mapbox is built on vector maps, an advanced approach to mapping where data is delivered to the device and precisely rendered in real-time. The result is smooth, fast maps.

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Choose from one of our professionally designed maps for your application or project. Use the provided URL with our developer tools or customize the map in Mapbox Studio.

Fast and lightweight

Maps render at a super-high framerate — allowing the maps to fluidly respond to user feedback or scripted events and opening up a whole new class of apps.

Vector maps are roughly one-fourth the size of traditional raster implementations, which means greater performance in low-bandwidth environments and greater cost savings where bandwidth is expensive.


Size decrease compared to our traditional raster maps

Smooth transitions

Vector maps animate scale changes on the fly, providing smooth zooming on mobile and desktop devices. You can rotate the map, tilt it, and zoom in and out fluidly. Icons and labels adjust to maximize legibility from any angle.

Access your data

The data for every feature you see in a vector map resides on the client, not the server. That means data can be instantly queried, allowing for flexible map changes and user interfaces that adapt to the map automatically.

Hover over the map to inspect NYC trees.

Dynamic design

You can customize every aspect of your map, from tweaking the colors, to hiding or showing specific layers, to choosing which information to present on your map, all while your users are interacting with the map.

Tree diameter









Maps for navigation

A beautiful customizable map built for navigation use cases that updates to real world driving conditions. Designed for embedded auto, mobile, and web with high contrast colors for day and night time driving.
Available in two styles, each with Day and Night versions, and fully customizable with Mapbox Studio.

Guidance map

Preview map

Tools for vector maps

Mapbox Studio opens up complete design control, allowing you to design custom vector maps to perfectly match your map to your brand.

Take vector maps with you using the Mapbox iOS and Android SDKs or add them to your website using Mapbox GL JS.

Built in the open

Development of vector maps and Mapbox GL, from the current code to architecture discussions by our team and our ecosystem of contributors, happens in the open on GitHub.

Maps for mobile

An open source SDK for pixel-perfect vector maps on iOS and Android. Maps render with the speed and smoothness of a video game.

Data updates

Our maps are updated with real-time probe data and edited by the global community of 4 million mappers in OpenStreetMap, adding new roads, buildings and more around the world. Our dedicated Data team tracks updates and actively contributes.

Open data updates

Mapbox Streets processes open data and distributes through our fast, global infrastructure.

Vandalism protection

Our Data team monitors changes to prominent features, edits by new users, large edits and data imports, and changes to routing. Potential vandalism is flagged for further analysis and quick action.

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